Added to the Archives This Week

Our first article this week is Space . . . the Final Frontier, in which J. Gordon Holt explains both why he feels the High End should abandon two-channel stereo, and why it is misguided in its choice of loudspeakers for stereo reproduction.

Next, John Atkinson says he scoured his bookshelves to come up with the must-have reading list for any audiophile. See the results in Holiday Reading.

Frank Zappa created a bounteous output of music during his career. For those not sure where to start, we present Richard Lehnert's series of reviews of several dozen Zappa releases in Frank Zappa on CD (and LP), Parts I through III, along with a nice discography.

To wrap up this week's Archive offerings, we bring you the first-ever Records To Die For that Stereophile published, way back in 1991.