Acoustic Research Stereo Remote Control Specifications

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Description: Infrared remote control unit for high-level signal sources. Inputs: Main, Tape Monitor, EPL Return. Outputs: Main, Tape Play, EPL Send. Remotely controlled functions: System Off/On, EPL/Main selection, Volume, Channel Balance, Mute. Non-remote switching for Tape Play/Monitor/Source. Input impedance: 100k ohms. Output impedance: 330 ohms main or 220 ohms plus Source, Tape, or EPL output impedance. THD: 0.01% or less, 20Hz–20kHz at 1V out. Clipping level: 4.5V peak input.
Dimensions: 11.5" W by 1.5" H by 5.5" D.
Price: $159.99 (1985); no longer available (2021).
Manufacturer: Teledyne Acoustic Research, Norwood, MA 02062 (1985); Acoustic Research (a division of Voxx international), 3502 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Tel: (844) 353-1307 (2021). Web:

Acoustic Research (a division of Voxx international)
3502 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268
(844) 353-1307

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This would be a great addition to many current preamps with no remote volume feature or a tape loop!

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One sold for $179 + $24 for shipping from a Providence RI Used Equip. outfit.

Tony in Venice Florida

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Where is the "we" in all the commenting on this remote device ?

I don't recall Holt referring to his reviewing being done by a single person, he seemed like he was always referring to a vaguely defined group of We. Decades later I concluded Holt was using the Royal "We" descriptive term, the same descriptives used by British Sailers who refer to themselves in a plural sense. ( the sailor and his Ship )

In 1985 I was part of a Reviewing Group of Audiophiles, we evaluated gear as a booze drinking group of ( like minded ? ) debaters. I purchased Product Lines that our group collectively liked but buying and paying was always a singular action.

In 1985 I was not reading Stereophile, I was still a HFN&RR & Audio Mag. reader. Back then I ( we ) was/were selling TAS Mag over the counter at Esoteric Audio but doubting the validity of it's integrity. I still don't read TAS.

I advertised in Audio Magazine

Tony in Venice Florida

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Some years back, I was looking for one of these and my (soon-to-be) wife found one for me. I replaced the opamps, changed the filter caps and used it as a preamp in my office system.

Cute design: It used the precision resistors in a ladder DAC as the attenuator.