’Cause I’m TNT, I’m Dynamite: The Audio Power Labs TNT 833

There was nothing dirty, mean, or mighty unclean about the Audio Power Labs TNT 833 monoblock power amplifier, a pure class-A, push-pull design rated to deliver 200W into 8 ohms. Each amp weighs 160 lbs and uses 833C output tubes, 6550 driver tubes, and 12BH7 pre-driver tubes. The price will be somewhere between $150,000–$170,000/pair.

The system, including an Audio Research LS27 preamplifier, Musical Fidelity M6CD CD player, Vandersteen 3A loudspeakers, and aided by an array of RealTraps room treatments, produced big, robust voices, and had a good sense of musical flow.

Audio Power Labs’ Clyde Holobaugh confessed that the TNT 833 has been “a labor of love,” requiring over two years in design and development. His goal was to build a class-A, push-pull design that would be powerful, while also eliminating distortion.

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I bet hearing Bon Scott's devilish voice amplified by these works of art would be sublime. Looks like Emille tube amplifiers have some serious competition in the aesthetics department.

Mark Evans

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Well, if you are simply interested in sound, there is nothing here, except an appeal to the desire to show off, with something big and bright. I was there, and couldn't understand it!

It is impossible to measure or hear (blinded) the difference between the amp in a cheap receiver and this stuff, as has been shown over and over again, given that there is enough power delivered to the speakers being listened too.

This has nothing to do with power (a 'pro' amp will blow this away, for a fraction of the price). It's all about show.

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sound is what its all about,,power to properly drive this system is key,,,silly is your comment,,obviously the only place for you to buy audio equipment would be wal-mart...why would a persion like you even go to an audio show...as for show..this piece of equipment is by far the best and most attractive amp on the market why wouldnt it be..and your comment about a 'pro'amp you cant be serious!!!