Have you bought or sold used audio equipment over the Internet?

Have you bought or sold used audio equipment over the Internet?
Yes, bought something
30% (57 votes)
Yes, sold something
5% (10 votes)
Have bought <I>and</I> sold
32% (60 votes)
Haven't bought or sold yet
24% (44 votes)
Not interested
9% (16 votes)
Total votes: 187

While we're on the topic of high-end audio e-commerce, have you tried your hand at the online market in <I>used</I> audio equipment?

C Burns's picture

I've bought a PS Audio Power Plant and some cables over the net, and sold some BDR cones on the web.

K Wing's picture

I bought demo equipment from a reputable dealer, JS Audio, and had very good experience with the transaction.

Tony Esporma's picture

I have bought over $10k in used audio equipment over the Internet over the last three years: 2 NAD amps, 1 ARC amp, 1 pair of AE-1 speakers, Kimber 4TC and Nordost flatline cables, etc. I have also bought over $10k in NEW equipment over the Internet. Brick-and-mortar retailers are quaint—I have no problem giving them a 5% premium over Internet prices to compensate them for their listening premises—but except for a very few, they insist on full retail. Consequently, I take my purchases elsewhere. Now then, don't cry for me, Argentina—I didn't get to have a nice investment portfolio by being a fool. Brick-and-mortar retailers need to wise up. I agree that they are a very important component of the High End, but perhaps the notion of a "franchise" is quaint. Maybe dealers should be no more than demo agents for several manufacturers, and work on a strict commission from the manufacturers.

William K.  Wilson's picture

I think it could be scary you don't know what type of person you are dealing with. Small stuff I thank would be ok I have bought CDs

Bob Frank's picture

I've bought stuff from rec.audio.marketplace and from eBay. Good results so far.

Cam Truong's picture

Still afraid to buy expensive gear through the Net.

whh's picture

Bought a Pronto remote Bought a Perreaux 6 channel amp Bought a Proceed AVP

John Meyer's picture

It's cheaper and the companies selling know more about their products.

Nikolaj Hermann's picture

It is almost like buying and selling through more established channels - it does not hurt

EJP's picture

Most of my gear has been bought as a result of ads in rec.audio.marketplace. Some pieces I bought in person in response to ads placed by dealers in reasonable commuting distance, others from distant dealers by responding via email or telephone. I haven't been brave enough to buy from private individuals yet.

Charlie Busa's picture

Worked out great. The equipment was as stated—in like-new condition, just over a year old, and half price.

Fred D.'s picture

I'm a bit leery of buying used from someone I don't know. I have bought used from a dealer that has let me audition before purchase.

Stone's picture

Never again.

Arvind Kohli's picture

Yes, I have made several successful purchases that I am very happy with, from Saturday Audio Exchange, Qaudio, and Parts Connection. I also have had some negative experiences with sites like costsheets.com and ubid.com. Make sure you share all your experiences at sites like audio review and audio survey. If you know what you are doing, the Internet tips the scales in your favor, whether you are a seller or buyer.

Willis Greenstreet's picture

I am afraid of buying and selling. Too many problems that I keep hearing about. It's hard enough to make a deal work in person.

Gower's picture

I've bought lots - Audio Advisor & Cable Company. I may list some equipment soon.

Andy Oltman's picture

I bid on a classic FM tuner at the eBay site and received it last week. Couldn't be happier, and the price was half what I would have paid at a used equipment dealer.

Jeff F.'s picture

Just bought an amp and preamp last week—tube equipment at half the price of new. Searched and found exactly what I wanted. I am in heaven.

Scot Forier's picture

I just haven't had a compelling reason to do so, if I do I will give it a try.

Leon R.  Flanary, Jr.'s picture

Removing the touch, feel, and smell of purchasing anything new lessens the experience. Let's be honest—it matters!

Mark Grabow's picture

It is a great place to buy used gear. Most audiophiles keep their gear in perfect shape. For example: I purchased a 15-year-old Threshold amp in excellent condition for $650 ($3500 back in its day).

Peter Randell, New Zealand's picture

I've bought a Proceed transport and amplifier from online ads.

Peter Randell, New Zealand's picture

I've bought a Proceed transport and amplifier from online ads.

Mark's picture

I sold my Klipsch LaScalas via an Internet ad and have spent $2900 on used equipment ($5345 original retail prices).

Randy's picture

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck . . .

Stephen Rinaldi's picture

I've used Audio Shopper to sell two items, and have had a great experience with it. It is the best website I've found.

PAK's picture

I have and will continue to purchase over the Internet, as well as from local retailers. As a buying community, we need to spread the wealth. If we all stop purchasing from retailers, then what ? No place to audition, discuss, and dream. Retailers provide a valuable service; we need them. Please spread the dollars and keep us all listening.

Dr.  Lars Bo Henriksen's picture

A pair of Skaaning AudioTechnology X-eed speakers. Who could resist that?

Norm Strong's picture

The important thing is to keep the value of the exchange down. I set a personal limit of $300.

Bernard Durand's picture

Living in Canada, I personally did not think it was worst the extra long wait combine with not knowing if you lost your money because the transaction was not real, the exchange rate being what it is in Canada and the brokerage fees! I would prefer pay more here and get full warranty and service. Here's the big word once again, "service". Bernard Durand Ottawa bernard@foodery.com