Have you bought or sold used audio equipment over the Internet?

Have you bought or sold used audio equipment over the Internet?
Yes, bought something
30% (57 votes)
Yes, sold something
5% (10 votes)
Have bought <I>and</I> sold
32% (60 votes)
Haven't bought or sold yet
24% (44 votes)
Not interested
9% (16 votes)
Total votes: 187

While we're on the topic of high-end audio e-commerce, have you tried your hand at the online market in <I>used</I> audio equipment?

David S.  Dodd's picture

Bought and sold . . . heaven and hell. Purchased an AR LS2 preamp (Jeff's Sound Values) at a great price, it arrived quickly, and quickly became a treasured part of my equipment. Also had a similar experience some time back with a pair of Quad USA monitors (rebuilt, from QS&D), and some Kimber 8TC from the Cable Company. The only time I sold, however, was a different matter. I advertised an REL Storm subwoofer, got a purchaser right away at the right price, shipped with UPS . . . who then totally destroyed it!!!! This took almost 10 weeks to sort out, both to my and my buyer's disgust. An absolute nightmare!!!

Karl Richichi, U.T.  Film Dept.'s picture

Yes, most of what I have now I have bought online. I have also sold a lot of hi-fi online. Everyone I have worked with has been very kind and trustworthy. I love doing business this way. At 50-60% off retail on something like an opened-box, HDTV-ready AmPro projector, or demo Martin-Logan loudspeakers, why would anyone shop anywhere else?

Dan Rubin's picture

So far, so good. I've had no problems whatsoever with the people I've dealt with. In fact, they've all been terrific. Packing and shipping (and shipping charges) are the major drawbacks.

Ed's picture

Watch out when buying—always get a phone number and address and verify that both are real. Never send money to a P.O. box.

Ray Garrison's picture

Purchased my NAD 3240, Thorens TD320, and Klipsch La Scalas over Ebay. Each was a very good experience. I know there was a market before the Web—I've been a rec.audio.marketplace lurker and occational contributor for 4 years—but the ease with which I can poke about and find stuff on eBay, et al., is unmatched. Used equipment is a wonderful way to have some fun with my system—the La Scalas are a real blast! Cheapest entertainment dollars I've ever spent (except maybe the wedding ring . . . ).

Harvey D.  Nyien's picture

It is difficult to determine who is reputable. Also, if you encounter a problem, it is difficult to resolve. I prefer to support my local dealers as long as prices are competitive. I am willing to pay a little more for the service provided by the local dealer.

Art Altman's picture

I have bought and sold a number of things. All very successful. Key is to interview the other party, make sure they are into the hobby the way you are, and also your own sense that they are trustworthy. Also, use COD.

Kent Johnson's picture

So far, my experiences using the Internet have been very good. The people have proven honest and the deals have all been satisfactory. What I like about the Internet is the equality. When I subscribed to Audiomart, the people who lived on the east coast seemed to have an unfair advantage because they got their issues sooner. With the Net, everyone has an equal chance to find what they are looking for.

Hegelian's picture

The Iinternet is a blessing for those of us not living near major metropolitan areas

Al Marcy's picture

Best thing to happen to audio since wire.

Walter's picture

Selection and price...a favorable buying and selling experience. The internet opens up a world marketplace.

Serge Jobin's picture

I live in Montr

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

I do that frequently—there is a very lively classfied-ads website in my city. But for me, the Internet is just the place to find out who is selling what or who wants to buy my stuff. After that, I always meet the buyer or seller and inspect the gear (sometimes we audition it in their or my house).

Anonymous's picture

Anything to stay away from the high-end dealers that think they need to be snobs to do business

Greg Roe's picture

Investigating the products you want, then going out and getting the best price available, seems to be only the sign of a smart consumer. Plus, you don't have to put up with someone saying that the product you want isn't as good as the product they carry, how reviews are bought and paid for, or how, since you not interested in the Big Noise 2000 speaker they sell, you're not a serious listener.

Klemencic's picture

After hearing test.

Warren Harvey's picture

Product as advertised, and in good working order, came with 30-day refund guaranty. I also plan to sell some equipment in the near future, and will strongly consider e-commerce.

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Joe's picture

Except for one minor exception all of my transaction have been very good. It has made some of my audio mistakes easier to deal with.

Anonymous's picture

Yup worked great

Gerald Platt's picture

With mixed results.

Don Bilger's picture

I bought a pair of used Von Schweikert VR-4 speakers last week from a seller who advertised in a Usenet newsgroup. The week before that, I sold an Audio Control equalizer on eBay. In my experience, buying and selling audio online can be a great way to get the used gear you want or clear old gear out of your basement.

Rob Ewert's picture

The use of an escrow service can add needed security on the bigger-cost items.

MG's picture

Savvy audiophiles do know that the Internet is the source of very-high-quality used audio gear at very good prices. I have sold components in mint condition and bought others in pristine state . Can always sell those that fail to meet my expectations, but this has not happened yet. Will keep up the practice!

Steve Williams's picture

I bought a Theta Data Basic transport and a DS Pro Basic III DAC to upgrade to the truly (in my eyes) high-end. The price was less than half of new, and the units were in perfect condition. I am more than happy with the transaction, as it let me get some equipment that I could not afford otherwise.

Jeff Roberts's picture

When it comes to used equipment, I want to see it in person before I will buy.

William Jacke's picture

I have bought several used Theta Digital DACs over the Internet. I was able to purchase these at 30% of original list. This is a great way to buy high-end at a bargain price. I have also bought cables directly over the Internet, including one from England.

R.F.  Coyne's picture

I have found a much larger selection available online. The downside, as in mail-order, is the fact that you are really gambling as much as purchasing. This might be an attraction to some people!

Frank Scherer's picture

All my transactions were smooth. It helped upgrade my system for less.

Kevin Hawthorne's picture

Bought my Linn LP12 on the Internet. It was over 10 years old at the time, so I could afford it and wait till later to start on upgrades.