Monstrous MBLs

I fell in love with the sound of the unique omnidirectional mbl tweeter when I reviewed mbl 111 loudspeaker in August 2002, so I always treat my ears by visiting the Berlin company's room the last morning of a Show. At the 2007 CES, they were showing this: an assault on the state of the speaker art based on two the mbl 101E's upper-frequency modules mounted on top of one another, with separate active woofer towers. The excess of glass in the hotel suite led to a rather uptilted high-treble balanced, but the presentation was as awesome aurally as it was visually.

Mike Janus's picture

How does Juergen Reis and Co. do this? So different than anything else but "awesome". Can't wait to hear them myself. Where would mbl be without Mr. Reis, their cheif engineer?

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I owned and loved the mbl 116s and have always found the BIG (101's) mbls to be the best sound at every CES; I also "treat my ears" every time I head to the mbl room. Still, these speakers... while I have always liked the look of the mbls--as much as their sound--in the past, and although I didn't make it to LV this year so perhaps these new speakers look better in the flesh than in photos, but they had better sound GREAT if they are going to look THAT ugly! Wow. (I still cannot wait to get a chance to hear them myself!)

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I loved the Sonus Faber's - I delighted at the singe driver Lowther speakers - BUT I WAS STUNNED BY THESE SPEAKERS! Even with the less-than-proper size room, I felt like I was at the Hollywood Bowl. These speakers produced the only sounds at the 2007 CES that actually gave me goose-bumps. The spaciousness and illusion of an orchestra playing Copeland's Fanfare for the Common Man was beyond what I thought possible from 2 channel audio. Everything else was downhill from this room. These speakers set a new high watermark from which all others will be judged.

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I believe that I can honestly say that listening to the 101Xs was likely the finest listening experience that I have ever had. I was prepared for what I thought would be an

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