Final CES Thoughts

Big Trends:
Wireless Speakers—except that they replace the speaker wire with an AC cord, so you come out kind of even.
Music Servers—of course it's the sound that matters, but the interface is what will make the difference. Sooloos leads the way.
Apple iPhone—it's wireless and an iPod. This means your remote can now be your music library too. This will sink in soon, and audiophile WiFi will take off.

Good Trends:
New Products—an amazing amount of activity in the Audio High End. Even traditional categories like speakers and amps are being advanced.
Value & Statement Products—exhibitors were pushing both the upper and lower price ranges of performance.
Great Sound—hotel suites are tough, but there was reference sound in dozens of rooms. We're getting better at treatments, although the bigger downstairs ballrooms were a bit too much for some.

Worrisome Trend:
Audiophile bling in the form of "Tubes Rule" teeth grilles worn by at least two exhibitors.

Bad Trend:
The CEA locating the Venetian press room and shuttles a half mile away from the Venetian tower rooms. They must hate high-end audio (or be in the pay of Rockport Walkers and Doc Martens).

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