Bob Katz, DJ

At the other end of the large room shared by Definitive Electronics and Michael Chafee Enterprises from the Genelec-based surround system that Jason blogged about, renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz was playing 24-bit/96kHz files handpicked from his portfolio. Speakers were the superb Revel Ultima Salon2s driven by a solid-state Balanced Audio Technology power amp, hooked up with Nordost cabling.

Bob was playing files from his Macintosh laptop fed via FireWire to Metric Halo's new ULN-8 audio interface, which fed a dCS Elgar D/A processor, then a Cary SLP-05 tube preamp. The 24/96 master file of Sara K's minimally miked audiophile classic "Brick House," from Chesky’s Hobo album, thrilled, despite its overfamiliarity, particularly when it came to the reproduction of the recorded acoustic.

Aston Wright's picture

I'd like to thank Bob Katz and his lovely wife for entertaining us late into Friday evening with some of his many varied and excellent recordings. It was a mini journey to audio nirvana, and I left with a long shopping list of music to add to my collection! A great time was had by all. Thanks again.