Best Sound at Axpona?

I had respected more than loved the Legacy speakers I have heard in the past, but without a doubt one of the best two-channel sounds I heard at Axpona was provided by the giant Helix loudspeaker, shown here with Legacy founder/designer Bill Dudleston. Front-end at the Show was an Ayon CD player, and the speaker's crossover is implemented in the digital domain using FIR filters and 24-bit DACs and the six channels of amplification were provided by two three-channel McIntosh MC303 amplifiers. The speaker is actually a four-way; there is a rear-facing 15" subwoofer driven by twin ICE-Power class-D modules. The front-facing, open-baffle–loaded upper woofers are actually backed up by second units, which, as with a twin-diaphragm microphone, gives a cardioid directional pattern, allowing a more optimal match with the room's acoustics than with a conventional omnidirectional bass unit. Completing the drive-unit complement, twin silk-dome tweeters are arranged side-by-side and are flanked by four midrange units. Considering what you get, the price of the Helix is a not-unreasonable $46,000/system, including the DSP/DAC crossover unit.

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And when you die, they can bury you in them!

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When you own these you will want to live forever to keep enjoying them. Had to be the finest sound at the show. I need an audio stimulus program

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Will Stereophile do a review of these beauty s? All I seem to ever see in the magazine are the Wilson stuff, which seems strange. Legacy never seems to get the recognition they deserve for such superior products, priced on planet earth. Wilson stuff seems to be fragrantly , grossly priced way too high. Same for Focals, and other extremes. I've heard friend's Legacy products, and they are incredible. I've heard Focals and Wilsons, and very disappointed especially when all the reviewers here always seem to rave on certain brands, at all times. What's up with that? I sense a bias, and a very non neutral perspective on reviews. I know others have mentioned it, does advertising polices have any influence on perspective? Human frailties and all that, maybe a subtle subconscious feel. Kinda like when a judge says to ignore that comment, how do you do that, it's been said, I heard it, I don't have an erase command in my head. I'm looking to one day get a set of large Legacy speakers.

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The Legacy Helix was my runner up for top overall sound at this years show. Fantastic sound to my ears, and only bested by one other room. Also, the on hand staff were very helpful and forthcoming in answering questions about the product. Thanks.

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The Helix to my ears was best sound at the show, followed closely by the Legacy Whispers. The Helix had a little more bass and slam, but the Whispers had them beat with a wider soundstage. The Stevie Ray Vaughn cut Tin Pan Alley sounded like he had been resurrected and was performing in the room with us. Legacy Staff were both very friendly and knowledgable. While there was other very good sound at the show, my ears preferred Legacy which was not insanely priced as some of the other gear.

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Once you go Legacy, everything else sucks! And they price their products on this planet. And they work better than anything, that includes the overpriced products from the highly marketed brands that are always raved about in the magazine. Had direct comparisons, to some of the almighty brands highly pushed by the writers in Stereophile, and Legacy blew em away, Legacy is the products to get.