101 No-Fuss Appetizers

This is Mark Bittman's third collection of 101 no-hassle dishes. These aren't gimmicks—they're good food designed to be made in under 20 minutes (frequently much under), using foods you might have around the house. (Over the years, I've discovered that a little prep at the shopping stage guarantees that you'll have the ingredients to make good food fast.)

Bittman's point—and it's a crucial one—is that good food doesn't have to be fussy or complicated. You can make a good meal (or appetizer or whatever) just as quickly as you can make a bad one. Some of these can substitute for a quick, healthy meal, too: dressed, canned cannellini beans tossed with canned tuna over greens, for example, takes five minutes, is high in fiber, tasty, and low in fat.

The article is on The New York Times website, so registration is required. It's worth saving in the go-to recipe file, however.