Baby You Can Drive My Car

In July, I received an invitation from Bentley to participate in a "driving event" involving the 2009 model Continental Flying Spur and Continental Flying Spur Speed. How come? Because the 2009 Bentleys have the Naim For Bentley music system and, in addition to debuting it for the automotive press, Bentley wanted some hi-fi writers along for the, umm, ride.

Most name brand car audio systems are either constructed out of parts supplied by OEM divisions over in the automotive sector or utilize a few brand-specific parts such as drivers or DSP, but the Naim For Bentley project started with detailed measurements of the sound levels involved in Bentleys at rest and on the road. Naim quickly realized that an in-car system would have to deal with varying noise levels and began an engineering initiative that resulted in Dynamic Equalization, a DSP system that automatically adjusts EQ based on the car's speed.

Colin Healy's picture

UMM, Am i missing something? Did you get to hear the system or not. It is great to report that you got invited to a bentley driving event, but i think most readers are interested in how it actually sounds and drives. What is the point of this post, just to say you were invited? If you did get to hear the system, then this is a horrible post that tells the reader absolutely nothing about how it really sounds. If the purpose was just to say that you were invited to a Bentley event, and regurgitate a lane abstract press release then i guess you were successful. Why go at all if your not gonna report on how it sounded to YOU, couldn't you copy the press release from your own home.

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It's a Naim, who good can it sound, Bentley or no Bentely. I'm very suprised that a High End car brand like Bentely are using a mid-fi company like Naim.

Neil's picture

Naim, mid-end???? I always thought they were high end, if their mid end then whats high end???

Artie's picture

Peter, either you have never heard a Naim system or, well, you have no taste. The average American "high-end" system belongs in say, a Cadillac Esplanade, or maybe a Ford F-150...

Mike's picture

Naim is not mid-end; Naim clearly is high-end. In fact, although Naim is not all that well known in the US, it is "higher-end" than most US brands, and deservedly so. It is a shame that Naim is reviewed so infrequently by most high-end magazines.

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Some may experience Naim's approach to the high-end as valid, I don't. If you're the kind of audiophool who loves rhythm and pace at the expense of the more subtle aspects of musical reproduction, you're welcome to it. Count me out.And as to the outrageous expense of Naim's specialized interconnects and cables, how stupid do Naim think we all are?NDM's similar approach to linking their gear works just as well, if not better, but they don't rip their customers off in the process.

Neil's picture

When Naim sells a cd player that costs $ 25,000 i dont think u can call them a mid-end audio company.

Nick's picture

Naim is high-end just because they stay in business providing products to cover all budget ranges does not make them mid-fi. Products are well built, sound great and are hi-fi. Linn makes hi-fi for the Aston Martins, surely they are not considered mid fi either?

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this is the most unorganized blog i've ever seen. Nothing is organized into cohesive posts. please fix this.

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