A Wizard, A True Star

Audiophiles probably know Steve Guttenberg for his writing about hi-fi and home theater in numerous publications, as well as his blog The Audiophiliac. What only a handful of folks know, however, is that Steve is a talented graphic artist, manipulating photographic images to express the world as he (sort of) sees it.

I have always gotten a kick out of seeing Steve's latest opus when we cross paths at press conferences and product launches and, more recently, he's taken to sending me JPEGs of ones he particularly likes. Yesterday, Steve sent me his newest—and it was me.

Wowsers. It may be only the second portrait of me that I've ever liked. Thanks, Steve.

Jim Tavegia's picture

It looks like you either playing the music too loud and you have really started the atoms a shaking, or just on the verge of an "out of body experience"! Maybe Class A stereophile gear IS that GOOD!

soundtripper's picture

It looks like the music has truly transported you!

es347's picture

..looks like you are 90 deg outta phase with the sound field