This Is Just So Wrong

Holosonics is called the "audio spotlight" because it can project sound directly into your head, claiming that it is inaudible just a step away.

So of course, it's being used in outdoor advertising here in New York. Innocent pedestrians (well, innocent by New York standards) are assaulted by a bodiless voice murmuring "Who's that? Who's there?" It is then followed by: "It's not your imagination!"

I have two reactions to this: 1) Shades of Philip K. Dick, and 2) How stupid do you have to be to put additional voices inside the heads of already stressed-out NY pedestrians?

Give props to my fellow New Yorkers, though. The offending speakers were stolen twice in one day.

Gawker's "Schizophrenia Is The New Ad Gimmick" got it right.

Video here.