Reporting His Own Lobotomy

On November 16, while listening to the radio, I was mesmerized by Howard Dully's audio coverage of what he found out about his own lobotomy at the age of 12 by Dr. Walter Freeman. This is powerful stuff—and I'm in awe of how even-handed Dully is in his reporting.

Link to a complete description on NPR's website. Click external link for MP3.

Howard Dully's picture

Thank You, for your kind words. We only had 22 minutes on NPR and over 100 hours of tape. However, all is not lost. "My Lobotomy" will be coming out in book form in the fall of 2007 by Crown Publishing (Random House) and I promise you it goes alot deeper than we could in 22 minutes.But Mr. Dave Isay and Piya Kochhar are 2 of the most talented story tellers I have ever met. They produced the NPR story.Keep ListeningHoward