International Effort

In one huge room at Hyatt, I encountered a truly international effort. While some parts of this system are available in the US, others are not. Hence the prices in Euros.

You know something is right when you play Mahler's Symphony No.2 through 50W Mastersound Finals 845 SET monoblocks (10,000 Euros) and not very large Kaiser Kawero 92dB-sensitive speakers ($50,000/pair) and experience an image of tremendous size and weight that effortlessly captures the essence of the symphonic experience. Much credit also goes to LessLoss products from Lithuania: the LessLoss Dynamic Filtering power cable ($750), Firewall ($4995), DAC 2004 MkII (2995 Euros) with volume control (495 Euros) slaved to a CEC TL-SAX transport. Let's not leave out the Echole Obsession RCA interconnect (3000 Euros/meter), Obsession speaker cable (5500 Euros/2 meter), and powercord (2500 Euros). For lovers of what I consider a classic SET sound, this system may very well inspire ecstasy.

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Best sound of the show . Period .

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The Echole power cables were not used in that room.

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LessLoss Dynamic Filtering Power cables DFPC were used!

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Thanks to you and editor John Atkinson for correcting my error. Credit is due where credit is due. My apologies.

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These speakers are $50,000?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Single driver..this is a misprint, or a joke to the extreme, right? So these where best sound at the show, but in the otehr room are the BEST SPEAKERS in the WORLD for $180,000!!!! How can both be true? This is Bizzaro world right? $50,000 for a singel driver in a box....tell me, who bought this joke, I gotta see this!!!!

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This room was the best sound of the entire show, I was at the show for 3 days so I had an opportunity to visit every single room and the only other room that came close was the mbl room.The speakers are not single driver. Some people should seriously learn how to properly inform themselves before making ridiculous comments.

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Dear all,there seems to be some misunderstand about our speaker. The speaker is a 3way system with the finest parts available . It is a cost no object project.We are professionals in the field of roomacoustics and NVH Consulting for the automotive industry. This is our first product for the audiophile community. You can find more info on www.kaiser-acoustics.comRainer WeberTechnical DirectorKaiser GmbH

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I think you meant to say CEC TL-51x. I happen to own one and I have to agree the sound is incredibly good.

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This room had one of the best sounds of the show. The tweeter looked like it was stuck on top of the cabinet as an afterthought, and we found the room only by accident. However, we went back three times to hear the sound, which was sublime. I agree that the only sound I heard to rival it was the MBL suite. Unfortunately, they were looking for US dealers, which means that there would be no support locally. I figured you could have offered 15k for the pair and taken them home. Yes, their shipping crates were better than most coffins. Their updated web site shows a much improved cosmetic design to the tweeter. Bottom line, well worth listening to. 50K? That's another question.

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As an ex-Stereophile reviewer, I object to products -- especially those of questionable efficacy -- being given a "free" review in the magazine, without proper testing. The implication is that Stereophile "endorses" LessLoss products.