Marigo Mystery Feet

I know. It sounds a bit like a Beatles flashback. (Note the psychedelic colors on Ron Hedrick's face, for reasons that only the Marriott lobby's lighting designer can explain). But this seems to be a very 2008 product. Marigo's Ron Hedrick spent 2 years building 120 prototypes before releasing his VX Mystery Feet for amplifiers, DACs, and other components ($699/set of three), and TR Mystery Feet for digital transports and CD players ($659/set of three). Each support foot consists of 32 parts, with 10 constrained layers of composite material that are first heated, then pressed at 1000psi. Hand-assembled, the feet include little brass inserts on the component end to distribute energy. You balance your components on the protruding little brass thingees on one end and pray there's no earthquake.

The first review I've seen suggests that the TR Mystery Feet work especially well under tube players, and are state-of-the-art. (They had better be, considering the price). They are claimed to work as well as the Townshend Seismic Sinks.

Marigo's incredible Signature 3-D Mat, Vs. 2 is an indispensable part of my reference system, and does wonders in my Carmen II transport. I wonder how it would sound with these guys under it. These I've got to hear.

Michel (Netherlands)'s picture

Tried these feet under my DCS DAC just a few days ago, this is amazing. It's like pulling a curtain away in front of your speakers. These will stay!