The Song (Somehow) Remains The Same

Lest I begin every blog entry in a negative fashion let me begin by saying, I love the music of Led Zeppelin.

Now that the positive portion of the evening has concluded, let me get to the reason I write today. I ventured into a Virgin Megastore on Monday to purchase a Zoso CD for my nephew who I'm trying to convert from a fan of the lowest common denominator variety of rap music. Not all rap is lowest common denominator by any means but the stuff he likes definitely hits that mark. The more ghetto the better. There's an entire other blog, or book perhaps about white kids from small towns getting in touch with urban rappers but that's for another time.

Anyway, I roll into Virgin, where up front they are selling Revolver for $9.99, to find that the music business and by association, Virgin record stores, are still stuck in the pattern of gouging that got them where they are today: a state of collapse. Zoso was priced at $18.99. Will they never learn??? Was it not this kind of obscene gouging that drove kids (and their cool, well-meaning uncles) into the arms of Napster in the first place??? You would think that some small inkling of reality might have seeped in by now, but perhaps it's the bunker mentality instead. We've got Zoso and they don't so let's rake `em while we can. Why not just drop the prices and see how much of their fading business can be preserved?

Of course I also heard, the same day I unwillingly (ain't it always the way), lost my VIRGINity for $18.99 that Virgin Megastores may be pulling their operations out of the states entirely.

These are historic times my friends. We are literally watching the record business implode before our very eyes. And for some reason the business cannot or will not get out in front of the wave.

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There's no reason to pay $18.99 plus tax for a domestic CD release. Amazon is selling Zoso for $13.99, with no tax, and free shipping for orders of $25 and up. Used copies start at $5.04 + $2.59 shipping. At least for today, I should add in both cases, since Amazon's new and used prices change almost daily. Even diehard CD buyers have abandoned the brick-and-mortar stores. Lousy selection, lousy prices ... what's to like? Birthdays are predictable events. Plan ahead and stop throwing your money away.

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Well Mark's suggestion of buying CD's via the web is certainly a good way to save money it does not address the fact that the list price for the Zoso CD is still $18.99. Sure offers a nice discount but the fact remains that the a list price of close to $20 for a single, back catalog CD is just absurd. With the high price of CDs coupled with the poor quality, relatively high price and DRM of downloads it's a wonder that the music industry is still breathing.While I don't want the music to stop I think the time is right for a completely new music distribution system to emerge. Smaller labels, with more artist control,and DRM free high quality downloads will hopefully be part of the new system.

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So in a nutshell, you`re saying you love Zeppelin but don`t think "IV" (NOT "Zoso"!) is worth $18.99. Is "length of time since release" the only factor in defining the worth of a CD? Hmmm, think what tripe is out there for the same price and you`ll agree a kick-ass album is still worth the asking-price. Yes Virgin prices are atrocious (especially their on-line prices) but you do have the choice to shop elsewhere. $19 is a small price to pay for musical enlightenment. I like a bargain just as much as the next music lover but I always feel a little sad when I see one of my favourite albums in a sale for

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I know! It's ridiculous. Heck, I hate spending a dollar per song and not being able to add it my usb stick to play in the car. Even funnier is all the $5.99 and $7.99 CDs at the gas stations now.. now suddenly it's cheaper to buy a whole CD with art and everything, cheaper than buying

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Remember the line from the song "Piggies"?"What they need's a damn good whacking".Sums it up rather nicely, don't you think?

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