Zellaton from Audio Arts

At the Audio Arts suite I was enchanted by the sound of my favorite 1960s-era folk trio (although I confess that that wasn't the Corries, whose debut album is seen here in the hands of Audio Arts proprietor Gideon Schwartz). "Tiny Sparrow" and other selections from the cannily titled Peter, Paul & Mary album Moving sounded colorful and clear on a system comprising the Holborne Analog 2 turntable ($5275), Holborne Analog 2 tonearm ($3475), Holborne MC1 cartridge ($1975), David Berning ZOTL preamp with phono stage ($12,300), David Berning ZH230 mono amplifiers ($18,400/pair), and the very interesting Zellaton Concert loudspeakers ($59,750/pair), the drive-units of which—even the tweeter—are all descended from the Pawel laminated metal-foil cone woofer.

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If those sounds as good as they look, they must be incredible.

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After being blown away in the High Water room, my friend and I visited Zellaton next. The first thing that struck us was no audiohile bs music. He was playing a dirty Charles Aznavour lp- some people were like "wtf?" - but the sound was so natural and unforced that it took a while to understand what was happening here. It reminded me of Quads in that "ahh" way. We stayed for an hour and came back the next day. I liked the Cessaro and Audio Note room but the Zellaton seemed to be more natural and unforced - more elegant. Great show but many room were so loud...