Ypsilon's Silver Step-Up Transformer

Ypsilon's Demetris Baklavas had his new Phaethon integrated amplifier ($25,000) on display. This amplifier delivers 110Wpc into 8 ohms and 180Wpc into 4 ohms. It features four line-level inputs, and uses two triodes in its three-stage circuit design. Of interest, this design employs an interstage transformer for each channel. However, the most stunning Ypsilon product on display was their MC-26L-SLV silver-wire step-up transformer ($18,500), sitting next to the turntable in the room's live exhibit. Demetris explained this moving-coil step-up device begins as 25 pounds of pure silver wire that is carefully hand-wound on a transformer core. All internal components are built at the Ypsilon factory, and only the chrome-plated external cases are bought from another manufacturer.