Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

A reader of <A HREF="http://blog.stereophile.com/stephenmejias/love_comes_close_again/#COMMEN... blog</A> states: "Vinyl-download bundles are a complete win-win for me, and I would choose the bundle over a CD every time." How about you? Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?

Would you prefer a vinyl-download bundle to the CD release of an album?
I'd prefer a vinyl-download bundle
55% (240 votes)
I'd prefer the CD
21% (94 votes)
Neither one
24% (106 votes)
Total votes: 440

Nikhil's picture

A vinyl-download bundle would be perfect for me as long as the downloads are available in FLAC.

Doug Bowker's picture

Always the vinyl, but ideally it would be a record with a CD thrown in (which some are doing now).

edever's picture

I'm all about the vinyl!

Nathan's picture

Vinyl & download—best of both worlds.

jman's picture

Best is the vinyl-CD bundle (as opposed to vinyl-download bundles, which are usually crappy MP3 files).

Larry's picture

I don't do vinyl. Not that I have a problem with it. I can't afford hi-rez right now. So, it's CD! Mostly from Mapleshade, Reference Recordings, etc. Also, I prefer a recording to be made with one or two mics, like Yarlung. Some stuff I buy, of course, is "standard issue" as far as sound quality goes.

N's picture

I do not buy any more CDs.

JB's picture

I might like all three. At once.

Wes's picture

I would like to see a combo vinyl-CD package.

Daniel C's picture

Now that I've rediscovered the sound that I had forgotten, I'm spoiled. Vinyl always!

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

What the .... is a vinyl download bundle? Someone playing and digitizing a record and sending the (now digital) results to you over the Internet? Complete with clicks, pops, wow-and-flutter, tonearm-cartridge resonances, mistracking and all the other nasty vinyl side effects? And yes, if you act now, you can also get, free of charge, nasy digital side-effects thanks to bad digital equipment. This has got to be about the most confusing (or weird) question I have ever seen on Stereophile. Thanks for a (somewhat confused) good laugh!

FearlessLeader's picture

CD, thank you very much. I prefer to live without LP surface noise, ticks, pops, crackles, stylus wear, groove wear, and constant cleaning. "Perfect sound, forever!"®

Dismord's picture

What the hell is a "vinyl-download bundle"?

Jonathan Allen's picture

I would rather have an SACD.

Bob D's picture

Yeah, I'd go for the vinyl-download bundle. The download should be in FLAC, though.

smitty's picture

How do you download a record?

Hans-J.  Dorn, Althea Musica's picture

I'd like prefer that music be offered in both mediums, vinyl and digital. There exists no better high resolution than analog. Digital recordings/media are always converted from analog!

Shahrukh Dandiwala's picture

Vinyl download. But it's gotta be done well using proper hardware. But then, my first preference would be the original LP, of course.

Lila's picture

I don't know what a vinyl-download bundle includes. The CD version bundled with vinyl recorded on to a digital format (such as a WAV file) would be nice. I would not sacrifice CD quality for vinyl, though.

hirez_rulez's picture

Hybrid SACD (with HD stereo program, HD multichannel program, and CD layer) is a complete win for me.

Woody Battle's picture

With minimal care, a CD will last a lifetime. Neither downloads nor vinyl are very durable.

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

Neither—I'd prefer a hi-rez download!

ACF's picture

Try as I might, regardless of all but the most extreme expense for digital, I still prefer the vinyl recording. The download is merely a convenience for life on the road.

Jim T's picture

CD with vinyl works for me!

james kontol's picture

I don't care about physical media. Give me the hi-rez bits!

anders's picture

Just plain vinyl. Keeping the faith.

JJ Zarate's picture

Of course, what do I do with a CD? And I can give the download to my young cousin

Pete's picture

Vinyl is a pain in the behind, and it wears out. CDs don't. That makes enough difference to me that I'd bypass the vinyl option. Or I'd go for a download-only (lossless) format.

Mark Higgins's picture

Lisa Hannigan (Irish singer/songwriter) had her album available in Dublin for ¢13 on CD or ¢16 on vinyl with the CD also included. Never seen anybody else offering this, but I like it.

Oliver's picture

Vinyl? This was this technique which we used for record listening in the last century, isn't it? With lots of wow and flutter, hiss, etc. I haven't listened to vinyl since around 1995. And why a download? If I'm the owner of the CD, I can do a "download" by my own.