World's Largest Collection of Vintage Audio?

Wow, look at all the pretty boxes.

Maybe I'll finally find that Nakamichi CD-1 cassette deck I've been waiting for.

Note: As you'll see in the comments section, Stereophile's John Marks suspects something here is fishy. If you watch the entire video, you'll see that many of the components mentioned are actually from the late 1980s and early 1990s—not quite vintage. Interesting, nonetheless. But, as always: Buyer beware.

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Something is fishy. DVD players were not 1970s gear. VCR's were new back then.


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This guy is a writer? Even 8'th graders know that the subject and verb in a sentence must agree on number. Yet, this "writer" keeps commenting that there's "rooms", there's "part" and so on.  If the subject is rooms. than the verb must are.

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The person in the video says that he used to sell audio equipment.  He doesn't say anything about his current occupation.  I see no reason to believe he's a writer.

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I thought I was a compulsive hoarder but this guy get's the award!

I've never seen anything like this except my grandad's stash.

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can someone tell him to take the tag off his hat??

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WHERE the fuck exactly is this warehouse (Google Street maps coordinates pls)? I used to be an arsonist-for-hire ;) LOL!

WHEN the fuck will folks get off the vintage-is-cool kick?

WHO the fuck would spend $$ on this gear over much-better/in-warranty modern stuff? Oh ... the same old geezer that drives around in vintage, polluting autos? This is why Nature invented death -- old ideas out, fresh ones in. So work with me folks and throw me a match.

WHY the fuck don't YT vids like this go viral*?

HOW the fuck is this guy STILL in biz*?

What ... WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* Marketing suggestion: If the host were young, under-dressed and female, you may have better luck. Maybe.

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Looks like someone scored an IRS auction of a Hi-Fi distributor.  Times are tough.  Shit happens.  I'm sticking with my ACTUAL vintage gear.  Wierd to think I've been in the hobby long enough now that I have gear that I bought brand new that nearly qualifies as vintage.

Rega Planar 3 baby!

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And I thought I heard a few Canadian accent cues in that video. Is this stuff here in the USA or up in Canada?

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Oshawa, to be precise.


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Should I tell him...nah...don't....but I can't don't! ......but I have, you can't it is cruel...ok...ehh...

hush...shhhh...don't tell the older guy but....he's sitting on a pile of junk

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Hey Stephen,

The Nakamichi Cassette decks that most lust-worthy (IMO) are:

The 682ZX, The Dragon, The 1000ZXL, and the CR7A.

The Bang & Olufsen cassette decks are also very good, especially the Beocord 9000, and can be picked up for very little money. 



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The Bang & Olufsen cassette decks are also very good, especially the Beocord 9000, and can be picked up for very little money.

That thing is so awesomely beautiful.