A whole new level of accuracy?

Would you like to take "your high-end system to a whole new level of accuracy, from high-fidelity to acoustic fidelity?" That's what the Trinnov ST2-HiFi loudspeaker/room optimizer ($6200) promises. And it looks like a pretty sophisticated device, measuring the impulse response of the loudspeaker in the room, analyzing the room modes, and automatically computing FIR and IIR filters to improve the dominance of direct sound over late reverberation, equalizing the response in both frequency and time domains. The ST-2-HiFi is supplied with a calibrated microphone array; once that's placed in the listening area, all you have to do is press a button and the ST-2-HiFi does the rest. Comparing the sound of a pair of Sonodyne amplified speakers before/after Trinnov ST-2-Hi-Fi correction, I noticed that the imaging became considerable more precise after the ST-2-Hi-Fi processing, and the bass seemed tighter.

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Of course, one has to take the protective cover off the mic to do the measurements.

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How does this improve over the many already existing DSP based room correction systems?

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Trinnov is unique in a number of ways. I covered this to some degree in my review of a Sherwood receiver that incorporates a simplified version of Trinnov. http://forum.stereophile.com/content/music-round-42-page-2


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Wow $6200 and the bass "seems" tighter...I am sure the people who buy this also have a chewy tootsie roll center.

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Considering the reporter's general unfamiliarity with the room and equipment, his limited audition time and the highly limited length of his report, I am not surprised.

OTOH, Trinnov can (and does) do many things well beyond what is reported. Ain't it easy to be dismissive without addressing anything but the superficial?