Wadia Digimaster X-32 digital processor Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

The X-32 was introduced into my reference system consisting of VTL 225W Deluxe monoblocks driving Hales System Two Signature loudspeakers through bi-wired AudioQuest Green Hyperlitz. Preamps included a Classé Audio DR-5 and the EVS Stepped Attenuator reviewed last month. Other digital processors on hand for comparison included a Wadia 2000, Stax X1t, Theta DSPro Basic, Aragon D2A, Proceed PDP, and the D/A section of a Marantz CD-94. The X-32 was driven by an Esoteric P2 transport, the digital output from the CD-94, and a 48kHz signal from a JVC DAT machine playing my own master tapes. Interconnects included Music Metre (footnote 1), van den Hul D-102 Mk.II, and Expressive Technologies IC-1. AC power was conditioned by an Audio Express NoiseTrapper. The dedicated listening room has optimum dimensional ratios for room-mode distribution.—Robert Harley

Footnote 1: At $95/meter pair, the Music Metre cables by Second Opinion Audio are a terrific bargain.
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