VTL MB-450 Series II Signature monoblock power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Tubed monoblock power amplifier. Tube complement: one 12AT7, one 12AT7, eight 6550C. Inputs: 1 pair unbalanced (RCA), 1 pair balanced (XLR). Outputs: 1 pair binding posts. Rated power output at <2.5% distortion: 425W into 5 ohms, Tetrode mode; 225Wpc into 5 ohms, Triode mode. Frequency range: 20Hz–20kHz. Output impedance: 5 ohms. Input impedance: 42k ohms. Input sensitivity: 2.0V for full output. Power consumption: 30W at idle, 1000W at full power.
Dimensions: 19" (487mm) W by 9" (230mm) H by 13.25" (340mm) D. Weight: 85 lbs (38.5kg) shipping.
Serial Numbers Of Units Reviewed: 073377363/4.
Price: $13,500/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 47. Warranty: 5 years electronics, transferable.
Manufacturer: VTL Amplifiers Inc., 4774 Murrieta Street, Suite 10, Chino, CA 91710. Tel: (909) 627-5944. Fax: (909) 627-6988. Web: www.vtl.com.

VTL Amplifiers Inc.
4774 Murrieta Street, Suite 10
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 627-5944