Von Schweikert—Jolida #1

The United Home Audio room at RMAF featured Von Schweikert speakers driven by Jolida electronics, this time the Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary Mk.2s ($30,000/pair), Jolida Fusion preamp and Fusion 200W tube monoblocks ($6000/all three). But my eye was drawn to the UHA Phase 9 tape deck, which was playing some Series 3 releases from The Tape Project, specifically Nat Adderley and his band performing "Work Song." One of the better-sounding rooms, I thought.

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I am glad that tape seems to be showing up at the shows these days and vinyl seem to be enjoying a strong revival.  It's all good.

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I have been in audio for some time, even had a nice Crown open real deck back in the 70's, very expensive back in the day. I loved that deck and wish I never sold it.

However what I heard in this room was DIFFERENT. I have never heard tape like this, it was first of all quiet, and so dynamic you could fell the slam in your guts. Sounds floated in three dimensional space and there was so much texture to the notes, I have never heard a presentation like it.

Easily the best room at the show, and I think the 2 mono amps and preamp were $6000. Speakers were like $28K but all in all a reasonable price to have the best sound I thought.