Vandersteen Audio 2Ce loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comments

Manufacturer's Comments Vandersteen 2Ce
Editor: Thank you for Thomas J. Norton's review of our Model 2Ce loudspeakers and this opportunity to comment. We agree that the differences between our Model 2Ce and Model 3 fall into the realm of diminishing returns. Since both speakers share the same basic design, the only way to create a large, "Oh my gosh" type of difference between the two would be to intentionally make one or the other less accurate. The Model 3 was developed in response to the incredible number of people using our model 2 series speakers with preamp/power amp combinations worth $10,000 or more. These faithful Vandersteen owners wanted to realize more of the electronics' potential while retaining the essential Vandersteen attributes.

The more advanced drive-units in the Model 3, including our patented midrange, give these listeners the increased resolution and dynamics to fully complement their top-line electronics. While the Model 3 is better than the Model 2Ce even in a moderate system, the improved performance becomes much more pronounced as the overall quality of the system increases.—Richard Vandersteen, Vandersteen Audio