van den Hul Grasshopper IV phono cartridge Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Description: Moving-coil phono cartridge. Specifications: Output: 0.55mV at 5cm/s. Recommended load impedance: 200 ohms–47k ohms. Stylus: vdH tip-type 1S on a boron cantilever.
Serial number of unit reviewed: UF4J180.
Price: $5000 (1995); no longer available (2007). Approximate number of dealers: 35.
US distributor: Vanguard Distributing, a division of McCormack Audio Corporation, Encinitas, CA (1995); Stanalog Audio Imports, Hagaman, NY (1999); Bluebird Music Ltd., 620 Wilson Avenue, Suite 360, Toronto, Ontario M3K 1Z3, Canada (2007). Tel: (416) 638-8207. Web:

Bluebird Music Ltd.
620 Wilson Avenue, Suite 360
Toronto, Ontario M3K 1Z3
(416) 638-8207