Transparent Branches Out

Transparent Audio has added to its line the Opus power cord ($5750/2m) and Opus Power Isolator ($15,950 including an Opus power cord). Claimed to use all-new technology that improves vibration control and hence lowers the noise floor, these are the company's new top-of-the-line products in their respective categories.

The Opus Power Isolator, which is a power conditioner, has a unique carbon-fiber carapace (shell) to eliminate magnetic-field interference and control vibrations, and includes a special dampening epoxy that is intended to further control vibrations that can limit dynamics. What it doesn't have is more than two outlets.

Transparent's power cords range in price from $5750 down to $150 each: What is learned developing the company's high-end products is applied to those farther down the line. "I think the entry-level may be the most stunning of our products because of their incredible value," Transparent's Director of Product Development, Josh Clark, told Stereophile.