Totem Acoustic Model 1 loudspeaker Larry Greenhill's 2003 System

Sidebar: Larry Greenhill's 2003 System

The amplifiers used for the Totem review were both monoblocks: Mark Levinson No.436s or Bryston 7B-SSTs, while as well as the Totems, the loudspeakers used for the Bryston review were Quad ESL-989 and Revel Ultima Salons. Preamplifiers included a Krell KCT for CDs and a Mark Levinson ML-7A with L3A moving-coil phono module for LPs, which I played on a Linn Sondek-Lingo-Ittok turntable-tonearm with a Sumiko cartridge. The digital source was a Krell KPL-28c CD transport. A Day Sequerra FM Reference Classic stereo tuner provided music from WQXR, our local New York classical music station. Interconnects were Krell Cogelco Yellow (balanced) for the Totem, Bryston Balanced, Levinson HFC, PSC Pristine R-30 silver alloy (balanced), Coincident CST Interface (single-ended), and Ultralink Performance Audio (single-ended) for the Bryston. Speaker cables were a biwire set of Sumiko OCOS for the Totems, and PSC Pristine R50 biwire double ribbons, Ultralink Excelsior 6N OFHC, and Coincident Speaker Technology CST 1 for the Bryston. All amplifiers were plugged into a 200-amp AC outlet.—Larry Greenhill