Technics Presents a Discussion of Their Reference Class SU-R1000 Digital Integrated Amplifier!

LIVE: Friday, May 21, 2021 - 12:00PM ET

Join Bill Voss, Technics Business Development Manager in the US and Frank Balzuweit, Business Development Manager for Technics in Europe in celebration of Technics 55th anniversary introduction of the new Reference Class SU-R1000 Digital Integrated Amplifier as they present a live webinar discussion with demos of the key features and technology in this incredible new model.

Topics to be covered:

  • Technics Digital amplifier technology
  • JENO Engine Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization
  • LAPC Load Adaptive Phase Calibration (demo)
  • Gan-FET High-Speed and Low Impedance Power devices
  • ADCT Active Distortion Cancelling Technology
  • ASSPS Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply
  • Intelligent Phono EQ (demo)
    • 7 Accurate Phono EQ Curves
    • Phono Response Optimizer
    • Crosstalk Canceller
  • Video demonstrations
  • Q&A to follow

UPDATE: This webinar is now available for replay!


georgehifi's picture

Yes it's about time.
I've been spruiking about this integrated forever, seeing it's the much cheaper cousin of the unobtainable mega dollar SE-R1 poweramp. GaN technology and hopefully using the 3 x faster 1.5mhz switching frequency that's used in the SE-R1
Cheers George

zimmer74's picture

and love them, but is this appropriate for an "objective" audio journal? Free advertising, or even worse...

ken mac's picture

Please register and watch before assuming. This webinar will be a deep dive into the technology of this amplifier. Like white papers? Get on board.

Jim Austin's picture

That's how you now it's not an editorial product. Obviously this is not a review, but that doesn't mean that it's without value. On the contrary, it's an excellent opportunity to learn about the product, as one might from a dealer.

Jim Austin, Editor

thatguy's picture

Will this be available to watch later? For those of us who have bosses that frown on us not working?

ken mac's picture

Approximately 20 minutes after the webinar's completion, a replay link will be posted below the original webinar announcement.

Ortofan's picture

... one could watch the review by Andrew Robinson.

Based upon his comments - and assuming that Stereophile will review this unit - if the entire review is not assigned to MF, then he should be given a separate opportunity to review the phono preamp section.

thatguy's picture

I just can't sit through his reviews anymore. He spends too much time with a look on his face like he is talking to a confused child (profile pic).
And his 'reviews' feel more like infomercials but I guess that is working for both his audience and the manufactures so continued success to him.

yourfriendfred's picture

Somehow that amplifier looks like it's upside down!

stereophileuser2020's picture

That was one of the worst webinars I've ever attended. Those Technics folks talked about the power supply for 45 minutes and then didn't answer any audience questions at the end. Waste of time.

BillyV's picture

Speaking in behalf of Frank and myself at Technics, please accept our apologies. Our intention was to answer all questions posted during the webinar. Answers are forthcoming.