Synergistic Research cables Specifications

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Description: Interconnects and loudspeaker cables with Active Shielding. AC cord.
Dimensions: 19" W by 3.5" H by 12" D (with BNC connectors on cables) (Master Control Center for Active Shielding).
Prices (both for the lengths tested and per 1m): $199/1m pair (Alpha Sterling interconnects); $250/1m pair (Alpha Sterling interconnects with Mini-Power Coupler); $350/10' pair (Alpha loudspeaker cable with Mini-Power Coupler). Designers' Reference AES/EBU and BNC S/PDIF digital datalink: $1000/1m, $1500/1.5m. $2000/1m pair terminated with RCAs or XLRs, $500/pair each additional 0.5m (Designers' Reference interconnects); $6000/10' pair (Designers' Reference speaker cables); $1300 (Master Control Center with one power module and a Resolution Reference AC cable); $2400 (Master Control Center with one power module and a Designers' Reference Master Coupler); an additional Master Control module costs $250; $2000 (Designers' Reference Master Coupler AC cord). Approximate number of dealers: 75.
Manufacturer: Synergistic Research, 501 Superior Ave., Newport Beach, CA 92663. Tel: (800) 578-6489, (714) 642-2800. Fax: (714) 642-2900. Web:

Synergistic Research
501 Superior Ave.
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