SVS Prime Pro wireless active loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital sources: 16" MacBook Pro M1 Max running Roon 2.0, Roon ROCK on Lenovo ThinkCentre, Naim Uniti Atom, controlled through iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Auralic Vega.
Loudspeakers: Tekton Moab (powered by an Anthem STR integrated amp), Vanatoo Transparent One, KEF LS50 wireless. Two SVS 3000 Micro subwoofers.
Listening room: 22' × 14' 6" with 9' 8" ceiling, lath and plaster. Hardwood floor over reinforced joists. Moderately damped by large, medium-thick rugs, furniture, and a tall bookcase. Wooden stairs on rear wall lead to an open second-floor landing of about 16' × 10'. Home office: 11' 8" × 13' 6", 9' 8" ceiling, hardwood floor over joists.—Rogier van Bakel

Youngstown, OH.
(877) 626-5623

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It looks like I have another speaker to recommend to friends who are 'just music-lovers'... Thanks!

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How long is the required interconnecting cable , that is , how widely may they be separated ?

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In stand mount application, with tweeter at ear height for seated listener, approximately 1 meter above the floor, with the cable running along the floor, that uses nearly 2 meters of cable just to reach the floor from both loudspeakers, leaving a little over 1 meter for separation distance between the pair, which seems to be grossly inadequate for most applications other than using these as powered multimedia desktop computer speakers. The review should have highlighted the short length of that cable.

The cable assembly is terminated with cable end connectors which seem unusual in this application, maybe Molex connectors. If you want to assemble a longer cable for your application, you will need to investigate / reverse engineer that unusual OEM cable assembly, acquire the connectors, contacts, suitable crimping tool, etc.

I would have liked to have seen use of 4-pole Speakon connectors, commonly used in professional audio applications and easily assembled.

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SVS provides alternative cable lengths of 15' and 20'... so no reverse engineering required. All you have to do is email them when you order... I opted for the 15' cable that I needed separation for in a large bookshelf, and they didn't charge me any extra. There you go...