Sumo Andromeda power amplifier TJN's 1996 System

Sidebar 4: TJN's 1996 System

The system I used in evaluating the Andromeda III consisted of the Denon DP-S1 CD transport, Mark Levinson No.36 D/A converter (the two linked by a Kimber AGDL coaxial digital cable), and a Jeff Rowland Design Group Consummate preamp. All auditioning took place in my (approximately) 26' by 18' by 11' listening room. The loudspeakers used were the Energy Veritas v2.8s. Preamp–power-amp interconnects were Cardas Hexlink (unbalanced and balanced). The loudspeakers were bi-wired using a single-jacket, bi-wire–configured pair of Monster M1.5 cables.—Thomas J. Norton