Stretch your inner sound with Alpha Design Labs by Furutech

Imagine: Somewhere in this pretty purple tangle of cables, there’s the world's hottest audiophile yoga instructor—a lithe little woman in white tights, stretching her inner sound.

Here we see Alpha Design Labs’ new iDevice ID-30 Series of iPod dock cables. Each uses silver-plated, oxygen-free continuous crystal copper conductors and can be fitted with straight or angled, 24k gold-plated USB A-type or 3.5mm stereo connectors. Prices range from $63 to $185, depending on model and length.

Meanwhile, over at, Michael Lavorgna gives us the rundown on Alpha Design Labs’ versatile, new Esprit DAC/ADC/headphone amplifier ($999) and cute Stride portable headphone amp ($395). I’ll add that everything I listened to through those components sounded smooth, natural, and easy on the ears.

Supple, even. Lissom.

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... was firm, fit and fully packed?