Spica SC-50i loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: two-way acoustic suspension speaker system with 6.5" Audax paper-cone woofer and 1" Audax soft-dome tweeter. Impedance 4 ohms.
Dimensions: 13.5" H × 9" D (circular back).
Price: $460/pair (1982); no longer available (2021).
Manufacturer: Spica, 1570 Pacheco Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (1980–1983); 1601 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (1984–1988); Parasound/Spica, 3425 Bryn Mawr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107 (1989–1996). Company no longer in existence (2021). Web (2021): spicaspeakers.com

Company no longer in existence (2021)

tonykaz's picture

We sold scads of the TC50s, most of which the Customers blew out the Woofers.

People loved them.

We had a standard Demo system including the Celestian SL-6, SL-600s ( all aluminium versions ), Quad 63s, Pro-Ac Tablettes, Rogers LS3/5a, Kindel 50s & 100s ( a California Brand ) and any other loudspeakers the Customers would bring in.

We featured Conrad-Johnson Tube Gear, Electrocompaniet Gear, Audible Illusion gear the VPI Turntable with Koetsu Rosewood & MIT 750 Cabling.

Doing Blind Demos with this Rig was great fun that would last well into the nights.

Plenty of Booze and smokes on hand.

Tony in Venice Florida remonising

Jack L's picture


You are a great salesperson!

Yes, mini loudspeakers, including Rogers, NEED active subwoofers to supplement their shy bass performance. Period.

Just imagine when Wilson Audio's huge $330,000 flagship loudspeakers still come with the option of 2 active subs/electronic bass x-over unit, tagged for a awesome $444,000 package !!!

So how can any loudspeakers smaller in size than those Wilson Audio biggies, go without any active subs ????????????

So be sensible with your audio bass. Don't shovel your ears in the sand like an ostrich !

Listening to bass is believing

Jack L

Jack L's picture

.....quoted Larry Archibald.

Maybe I miss a lot. I am yet to find out any mini/bookshelves come with subwoofers as a bundle, including the Rogers. So Rogers did not do "the logical thing" ??

Mini/bookshelvers are designed primarily for use in small areas, like in small bedrooms, studies etc. Adding an active sub will defeat this space saving principle, right ??

Of course, when consumers get amble space & want full spectrum music, including cathedral pipe organ music from their minis, they would surely go for active subs. So pushing an active sub bundle with any mini/bookshelvers is not a good marketing idea.

Listening is believing

Jack L

PS: I installed 3 active subs (L, R, & L+R) for my big KEF 2-way bookshelvers on spiked steel stands as I want realistic full-spectrum music.

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Stereophile & Larry … this is a nostalgia note.

I bought my Spica SC-50's directly from John Bau personally at CES January 1981 in Las Vegas … it was one of his demos.
Paired with the original NAD 3020 and a B&O 3000 TT/cartridge it was HiFi Heaven for $760!

I was fortunate to do good research and end up with classics. Now, I have a system that costs 10x that $$ and the sound & enjoyment is not really that much greater. [Music Hall MMF 7.1/Goldring Eroica + Kora/Cary tubes + ERA D-5 speakers]

All the best to you … keep up the good work!
Richard Walter
At Leisure in Vegas

P.S. Still have the Spica’s and recently bought replacement woofers for the one that blew out ten years ago.