Special Award for the Most Poignant Single Pick

Finally, John Marks' Personal "hors de concours" award for best mystic chord pick that did not actually enter:

Special Award for the Most Poignant Single Pick James Pritchett

Someone who did not actually enter the contest got the biggest "Mystic Chords" emotional reaction from me.

There is a YouTube video of Peter, Paul and Mary singing Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain. It's a great performance of a great song. You must hear it.

YouTube member "jstrytllr" (James Pritchett) posted this recollection:

"Standing at the end of the flight line at Cam Ranh Bay (footnote 1), watching the other guys head for home. Hearing this song. Feeling the tears fall. Thanks, PP&M."

That's exactly what I was looking for. So, I have mailed to Mr. Pritchett the JMR CD of Arturo Delmoni's Songs My Mother Taught Me.

Thanks, everyone.

I hope you enjoyed the results.—John Marks

Footnote 1: Cam Ranh Bay was the disembarkation/embarkation point for most US soldiers during the Vietnam War—JM.