Soundsmith SMMC1 moving-iron phono cartridge Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Moving-iron phono cartridge with ruby cantilever. Stylus: nude line-contact, 0.12mm2. Recommended tracking force: 1gm. Effective tip mass: 0.32mg. Compliance: 28µm/millinewton. Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz, ±2.5dB. Channel separation: >25dB at 1kHz; >20dB, 50Hz–15kHz. Channel balance: <1.6dB. Output voltage: 2.12mV, 5cm/s lateral modulation. Recommended load resistance: 47k ohms. Recommended load capacitance: 400pF or greater.
Dimensions: Weight: Cartridge alone, 1.6gm; with universal mounting adapter, 6.8gm.
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: Michael Fremer–built Signature Edition.
Price: $749.95 with polycarbonate ½" adaptor. A selected version of the SMMC1 in ebony the Aida, sells for $899.95. Approximate number of dealers: 1 (sold direct). Warranty: "All cartridges are warranted against defect in workmanship for a period of not less than one year."
Manufacturer: The Soundsmith, 8 John Walsh Blvd., Suite 417, Peekskill, NY 10566. Tel: (800) 942-8009, (914) 739-2885. Fax: (914) 739-5204. Web:

The Soundsmith
8 John Walsh Blvd., Suite 417
Peekskill, NY 10566
(800) 942-8009