Sony SCD-1 Super Audio CD/CD player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 3: Associated Equipment

Digital source: Burmester 969, Forsell Air Reference CD transports; dCS 972 sample-rate converter, dCS Elgar D/A converter operating at 24/192.
Preamplifiers: Burmester 808 Mk.V, BAT VK-50SE, YBA 6 Chassis.
Power amplifiers: Linn Klimax Solo 500 monoblocks, Accuphase M2000, Forsell The Statement.
Loudspeakers: JMlab Utopia.
Cables: Interconnects: Synergistic Research Designer's Reference Active Shielding, XLO The Limited, TARA The One, Nordost Quatro Fil. Speaker Cables: Synergistic Research Designer's Reference, XLO The Limited, TARA The One, Nordost SPM Reference. Power Cords: Synergistic Designer's Reference Master Couplers Squared.
Accessories: ASC Studio Traps, Argent RoomLenses, Signal Guard platforms, Black Diamond Racing shelves and cones, Nordost Pulsar Points, Bright Star Air Mass and Big Rock combo, and PolyCrystal equipment racks, cones, and cable towers.—Jonathan Scull