The Search for Roy DuNann A Selected Roy DuNann Discography

Sidebar: A Selected Roy DuNann Discography

Originally released on Contemporary, reissued on JVC XRCD

Barney Kessel/Ray Brown/Shelly Manne, The Poll Winners, JVCXR-0019-2 (1957)
Art Pepper, Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section, VICJ-60087 (1957/1997)
Art Pepper + Eleven, Modern Jazz Classics, VICJ-60245 (1959/1998)
Andr;ae Previn/Red Mitchell/Shelly Manne, West Side Story, JVCXR-0209-2 (1956/2000)
André; Previn/Leroy Vinnegar/Shelly Manne, My Fair Lady, VICJ-60216 (1956/1998)
Sonny Rollins, The Contemporary Leaders, VICJ-60244 (1958/1998)
Sonny Rollins, Way Out West, VICJ-60088 (1957/1997)

Originally released on Contemporary, reissued on the Fantasy/Original Jazz Classics

Ornette Coleman, Something Else!, OJCCD-342-2 (1958)
Ornette Coleman, Tomorrow Is the Question, OJCCD-342-2 (1959)
Bob Cooper, Coop! The Music of Bob Cooper, OJCCD-161-2 (1957)
Curtis Counce, Sonority,* CCD-7655 (1956–58)
Curtis Counce, You Get More Bounce with Curtis Counce, OJCCD-159-2 (1956–57)
Teddy Edwards, Teddy's Ready!, OJCCD-748-2 (1960)
Victor Feldman, The Arrival of Victor Feldman, OJCCD-268-2 (1958)
Hampton Hawes, All Night Session, Vols. 1–3, OJCCD-638-2, -639-2, -640-2 (1956)
Hampton Hawes, Four!, OJCCD-165-2 (1958)
Barney Kessel, Easy Like, OJCCD-153-2 (recording date uncertain)

* Not in Original Jazz Classics series

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I was delighted to find this piece while searching for info on the new-to-me Shelly Manne and Andre Previn recordings, and the XRCDs in particular.  I appreciate the justice you have done to this man's story.  While he might not see it like we do, the man has left some astounding work, work that a 24 year old hardcore punk enthusiast in Ohio can find in the year 2014 and go "wow" over.  As a teacher of digital audio and a lightweight recording engineer, I salute you and Mr. DuNann both.

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For anyone just coming across this, I found a great follow-up with Roy himself and Thomas the author.