RealTraps MondoTrap room acoustics treatment Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Acoustic absorbers built from "double-density" rigid fiberglass with limp membrane, powder-coated steel frame, and sound-transparent fabric cover. Absorption specs depend on placement. With corner placement, they absorb 6.07 Sabins at 63Hz, 14.72 Sabins at 80Hz, 13.79 Sabins at100Hz, 19.40 Sabins at 125Hz, 14.81 Sabins at 160Hz, 13.60 Sabins at 250Hz, and 12 Sabins at 250Hz.
Dimensions: 57" (1450mm) H by 24" (610mm) W by 41/4" (110mm) D. Weight: 28 lbs (13kg).
Finishes: black, wheat, gray, (off-)white.
Serial Numbers Of Units Reviewed: None noted.
Prices: MondoTrap, $299.99; Corner MondoTrap, $349.99. Approximate number of dealers: factory-direct-only. RealTraps ships to anywhere in the world.
Manufacturer: RealTraps, LLC, 34 Cedar Vale Drive, New Milford, CT 06776. Tel: (866) 732-5872, (860) 210-1870. Web:

RealTraps, LLC
34 Cedar Vale Drive
New Milford, CT 06776
(866) 732-5872