Raidho TD1.2 Speakers, Chord Ultima 2 Amplifiers, Pear Audio Blue Turntable, Top Wing Cartridge, Gamut Cabling

Raidho Acoustics' new TD1.2 speaker ($24,000/pair), whose unveiling I missed at AXPONA, resurfaced in Munich. Hearing a track from the Ray Brown Trio's Soular Energy led me to write, in my notebook, "Pretty amazing how well these small speakers create such a big soundstage." Transparency around solo instruments and percussion was quite exceptional. Save for a touch of dryness, which could have been room-related, this system sounded excellent.

The TD1.2 replaces the D1.1. The only things that remain from the former model are the dimensions and shape of the cabinet. Even the internal wiring, from Gamut, is new.

Also doing the honors: Chord Ultima 2 monoblocks ($30,000/pair), Symphonic phono stage ($4500), CPA 5000 preamp ($17,900), Blu Mk II CD player ($10,800), and Dave DAC ($11,500); Pear Audio Blue Odar turntable with two armboards, platform, and power supply ($15,000); Top Wing Red Dragon cartridge ($16,000); and Gamut Reference cables.