Pro-Ject Debut PRO record player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: Thorens TD 124 turntable/Jelco 350S 9" tonearm/Clearaudio Concept MC phono cartridge.
Integrated amplifiers: Parasound Hint 6 Halo, Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2.
Loudspeakers: DeVore Fidelity O/96, Spendor BC1, Golden Ear BRX, Polk Audio Legend L100.
Cables: Interconnect: product's own. Speaker: 8' pair Auditorium 23.
Accessories: Pro-Ject VC-S2 ALU Record Cleaning Machine; Audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner Pro LP Cleaning System; Hunt Mark 6 Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Brush; RTOM Moongel Drum Damper Pads (as stylus cleaner); Kuzma Platis 65 isolation platform; IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius line conditioner; Salamander five-tier rack (two); IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards (under turntable); mahogany blocks (2" × 2" × 0.5") under boards.—Ken Micallef

Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
US distributor: Pro-Ject USA
9464 Hemlock Ln. North
Maple Grove, MN 55369
(510) 843-4500

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Yes, noooo dust cover should be allowed on any spinning TT.

I tested with an oscilloscope hooked up to the output cables of a TT spinning with no record on it. The screen showed vibrations whenever my finger slightly touching the dust cover open up.

Yes, I always play my vinlys on my 2 TTs (one belt-driven & one direct-driven) with their lids taken out. Of course I always put the lids back immediately after finish.

Jack L

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IF the lid has a squarish hole where the arm lifter can be reached there shouldn't be an issue.

Turntables whose platter, bearing, mat, LP and arm are suspended and are adjustable are resistant to these issues. A clamp that ties the LP to the mat is a good idea. One that has a very shallow hill (a washer will do) under the LP is even better. A mineral loaded mats which are also a good idea. I've been setting up TT's here in Canberra, Australia since the 1980s. I've gone t o a fair bit of trouble isolating the TT from the music.
Our listening room is an L-shaped Lounge-dining room, so the spherical speakers are around the corner in the larger section.
They are well away from the source. The TT, the pre-amp, tuners and CD player - all mounted on a concrete door-step shelf. Thick soft foam-rubber between the welded iron frame that it all sits on.

The TT is a Thorens TD150 - the Linn LP12's predecessor - three conical springs - the little conical bits of foam are not a good idea and are gone.

The mat is a mineral-loaded DISK-SE22, and there's a GB clamp for the spindle - with a washer under it. This lets us press the LP down onto the pretty dead mat. Felt mats let the LP vibrate, even WITH a clamp.

The arm is a SME 3009/II with two STAX slotted head shells. FD-200 damper with a cut-down paddle and STP/SME mixture in the curved pot.

I've set up three Oracle TTS and its as resistant to feed-back as they were once done. I still do TT set ups for folks.

The set up sounds as good as an Oracle.

Giving a Linn LP12 a dead mat, and a clamp, and resetting the suspension (essential) but sans foam - just will startle the owner!

I do charge for this work, but I may have set up most of Canberra's sprungies by now.

I call Oracles 'hungies' all such are more stable over time than sprungies like Linns and Thorens. But they do benefit from a careful going over.

The cartridge is a Garrotted Denon 103D with a boron cantilever, and a fine line tip.

Tim Bailey

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.. and great middle and end. Hey, great review, period!

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Compared to the over-engineered , heart-transplant priced , Rube Goldberg designed crap I've become accustomed to , and nauseated by , in your magazine .
It's a shame there's no need fror such a device .

rschryer's picture

...anything about need?

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The non-stop, cynical snark exhibited in the comments section of this website has me avoiding it often. With so much negativity in the world, I started taking my mother's advice, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it."

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Is your comment about saying only nice things an "only nice thing" ?

Isn't Comments a valid place to share personal opinions?, like yours?

Of course, Comments is an important Feedback loop to help Stereophiles decision makers make informed decisions about their product. ( which is primarily an opinion based Journal )

Mr. Atkinson's careful analysis based on deliberate measurements is Analytical and serves as our foundational reference.

You not commenting defeats the utility of everyone's personal experience and findings.

Everyone's critical voice is important, thanks for writing !

Tony in Florida

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like comments. Disagree or dislike? Produce a well written argument (like you do often whether I agree with you or not.) The prior commenter: It's a shame there's no need fror [sic] such a device." That comment incorrectly assumes a lot and ends up saying more about the negative viewpoint of the commenter than about the audio equipment and the magazine's editorial policy that he/she is criticizing.

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I suppose that I'm pleased that the person you mention has the ability to speak his mind, un-hindered and un-fettered.

This freeness of speech is a dream like goodness that most people on our Planet will never enjoy.

I usually discover unpleasant comments can be reasoned-on and discussed fruitfully. Often times, people don't quite have the Verbose ability to articulate, their opinions are still valuable and important.

Now-a-days, we are having exciting reviewers like Cheapaudioman on YouTube, developing an audience base to compete with traditional Print Journals like Stereophile. The YouTube Audio Reviewers focus on BlueCollar priced gear, as does this reviewer :Mr.KenM, the Audiophiliac and a good many others.

I suspect that the commenter you refer to is still on the same side of the Velvet Rope as you and I.

Nice hearing from y'all,

Tony in Florida

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Phono cartridge are the transducers that produce the music.

I gather that you approve of the structural integrity of this Player and were happy to upgrade it's little transducer.

How much of a better Phono Cartridge can this turntable/arm support ? , can you offer an opinion on the improvement this player supports with significantly better transducers?


If this Arm had detachable SME type head shells, could a reviewer easily do full product line reviews of Cartridges like all the 15 Grado Phono Cartridges ?, which would be one hell-of-blockbuster Review Achievement. ( wouldn't it ?)

I wonder if Pro-Ject would or could support a reviewer doing comprehensive Phono Cartridge Reviews on one of their products?

Mr.RS in lockdown Canada speaks well, this is nice work.

Tony in Florida ( no restrictions here )