Primare BD32 Universal Disc Player

Based on the popular Oppo 93, Primare was displaying their universal player that will retail for $5495. It plays all the typical Oppo disc formats including 3D Blu-ray and has custom audio, video and power supply circuitry. The BD32 is a gorgeous-looking product and the photo does not do it justice.

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The BD32 is a gorgeous-looking product and the photo does not do it justice.

Yes, like all Primare products I've seen, the BD32 is very pretty.  I especially loved the clever, softly lit display with its big, bold function icons.

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Why not just buy an Oppo BDP95 instead?

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Besides being beautiful and having that gorgeous user interface, the Primare is handmade in Sweden; is compatible with all the usual disc formats (SACD, DVD, DVD-A, CD, Blu-ray); is compatible with Netflix and Internet Radio; is capable of streaming music and movies wirelessly, via Ethernet, or USB; has dual, 3D-capable HDMI 1.4 outputs; is capable of decoding native audio formats, including DSD, Dolby True HD, and DTS Master Audio; has balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, as well as S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and optical; and, perhaps most importantly, the BD32 uses Primare's proprietary audio stage and custom-made power supplies.   

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However one question, is the cd tray plastic or aluminium ?


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The player uses the same Mediatek platform as the Oppo 93 and the Cambridge 751.  It's an upgreaded 93. So why spend $5000 when you can spend less and get the basic same thing. The difference is the upgraded audio stage, power supplies and a few input control and user interface functions.