Polyvinyl Shares the Joy

Just moments after receiving my press badge for High End 2011, I received my copy of Vivian Girls’ new album, Share the Joy. Because I’m a big fan of Vivian Girls, I had pre-ordered this album upon Polyvinyl’s announcement of its imminent release. I typically stay away from pre-orders—too many times I’ve pre-ordered an album that, for one unknown reason or another, never gets released—but Polyvinyl makes the process easy, painless, and inescapably enticing by providing an immediate download of your order.

I was expecting the LP, a t-shirt, a button, and a bonus 7-inch single, but Polyvinyl also threw in a pack of “out of control,” strawberry-flavored Air-Heads, a pretty poster celebrating Owen’s fifth full-length release, New Leaves (I'll have to check out Owen’s music), a nice note thanking me for my Vivian Girls purchase, a coupon for 10% off my next Polyvinyl purchase, an announcement of Polyvinyl’s current CD sale—buy one CD, get one free—and a copy of Of Montreal’s 2008 release, Skeletal Lamping.

I love a company (or anything or anyone, actually) that gives me more than what I expect, and Polyvinyl has succeeded mightily in that regard. I’ll be sure to purchase more items from their online store, and I’ll look out for their releases whenever I’m in a record shop.

The CD package for Of Montreal’s 2008 release, Skeletal Lamping, is brilliant in color and design.

I am not a big fan of the CD format, but this particular CD is mesmerizing, enchanting, and deliriously gorgeous, with artwork by David Barnes and Nina Barnes, package design by David Barnes, and art direction by David, Nina, Elaine Fong, and Matt Lundsford. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to put it back together. No matter: I can’t wait to listen to the music on my hi-fi.

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So what's the connection between the Vivian Girls and New Mexico, vide the T-Shirt? (Can't believe it's been almost 11 years since Stereophile relocated from Santa Fe to New York!)
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The Doors pre-order took forever to arrive.

My Aural Exploits pre-order never arrived; got cancelled; the other parts of the order were mailed without tracking numbers and never arrived, on and on nightmare. Hours of my time and $$ lost. Never again.