Going to Germany

This morning I received my press badge for High End 2011. The show takes place at the M.O.C. Events Center (Lilienthalallee 40) in Munich, Germany; it opens on Thursday, May 19 and closes on Sunday, May 22.

I was going to write that I don’t know what to expect, but then I thought about it and I realized that I have some ideas: Long days, hard work, lots of hi-fi, potential communication problems, beautiful people, beautiful music, beautiful beer. And that, actually, sounds a lot like home.

The 2011 High End Show in Munich, Germany, will be the first hi-fi show I’ve attended outside the US, and will mark my first trip to Europe since studying abroad at Wroxton College in Oxfordshire, England, in 1998. While I dread—seriously dread—going to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, I’m really looking forward to Munich. I’ve never been to Germany.

For more information on High End 2011, visit the website.

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Stephen, I loooove Munich, one of Europe's great cities. You will love it there, take some time from the show to visit the city. You are lucky, I wish I could one day visit the Munich hi fi show I hear it is great, sadly will not even be able to go to the Montreal one this year. Enjoy!

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don't forget to try white sausage! You can find the best one in Munich central square from an old and small but famous shop.

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What a treat to attend a Hi-Fi show in Deutchland.

The land of MBL, Accustic Arts, Valvet, Burmester, Vincent, Tidal, Blaupunkt, etc;

Have a safe, fantastic time!

Mark Evans

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If you can find a little bit of time for yourself call up Mike's Bikes and rent a bike for an afternoon. The city is very respectful of bikes, and it's really the best way to see the sites. Plus Mike is an American ex-pat - and often answers the phone himself. Just a cool guy - with a cool company - helping people see a cool city.


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You are one lucky cat. Munich rocks.

In fact, I recommend you take a couple of days vacation from the phile after the show and run down to Oberammergau and check out the black forest area

The beer is great but you should sample some of the wonderful reisling spatlese and auslese that should be everywhere.

A beautiful country and you will be right in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Oh yeah, tell us about the million buck stereo gear.

Have fun!