Politically Incorrect?

This was posted on the wall of his RMAF room by one manufacturer who still makes his products in the US. The message seems clear enough, even if it over-simplifies what is actually a complex situation—see my September 2011 "As We See It" on this subject.

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Honestly, I think that goes beyond politically incorrect and starts crossing over into the racist/prejudice category. I think the sign would have worked much better with 2 changes:

1) Instead of just "China" crossed out in the circle, have "Made in China" crossed out.

2) Delete the last line "0% Chinese CRAP".

IMO the aim should be to show pride in American made products, rather than to denigrate Chinese production.

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Look, I have political leanings that tend towards a little left of center but this has absolutely nothing to do with race. We have spent thirty years reducing trade protections and making it easy to export American manufacturing jobs abroad to places where labor was cheap and skill and quality were lacking. We may get some slightly cheaper goods but in the long run the investor class sees all the real profit in the short term while reducing the long term quality of life available to you average American. Instead of chastising a man spreading an important message about keeping manufacture of premium products like speakers, where skill and quality of contruction materials matters, in the US you should be praising him.

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And I will make sure I let everyone know of this company's racist attitude.

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Not cool! There is some pretty good Chinese gear out there.  Also aren't we walking around with headphones in our ears with products that are designed in California but made in China? 


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That stuff ain't crap and what about those Shanling CD players? They don't look like crap to me, certainly don't sound like it.  


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odyssey audio you say? these guys?



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This Odyssey Audio:


The linked thread is where Klaus discusses that same sign from the previos RMAF... His views on China are crystal clear..

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rude,arrogant,stupid,bullshit this company should go out of business as quick as possible,damn it.

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And they probably will go out of business, which is why they engage in jingoistic, defensive posturing. As an American who is fluent in Mandarin and spent many years in China I find bigots like this guy discouraging. On the other hand I find so many people condeming his absurd sign very reassuring. Now put on some music and relax:)

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You want gear made sometimes under slave or unsafe worker conditions, you go subsidize it, and feel free to still be into name calling if that works for some of the above posters. I don't see the Klaus being "rude", arrogant", "jingoistic", "posturing", etc. Read the man's words. I've had QC issues with some Chinese gear; not so w/Odyssey, Denon, etc. YMMV. 

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Having so much made in China is simply bad for the USA. There have also been plenty of examples of shoddy workmanship, counterfeit parts, poorly paid workers, environmental disregard and such. The diminishing US manufactoring base is something every American should be worried about.

I've met Klaus and he is as honest as they get but perhaps a bit too direct for some people. Racist? No way, just not PC. We need more companies like Odyssey and fewer ones that re-badge Chinese made stuff.

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Much ado about nothing.

Beside Odyssey doesn't advertise in Stereophile so they'll never get a review.

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I cannot believe what some of you are saying about Odyssey Audio. You folks are jumping to conclusions before even THINKING about what you are saying. Look at the big picture before you speak of total non-sense! Odyssey Audio is a great example of a Small American Business that takes pride in developing and hand building everything they sell. A quick quote from Klaus that was posted on Audio Circle, so that some of you directing your comments towards "Racism" can end that immediately.

"It's the morons that posted afterwards that didn't get or didn't want to get the point about China,  reflecting racism towards me and Odyssey instead.  Yup,  the company that has a German-American guy, a Russian wife, a Chilean partner, and a Taiwanese partner  (hey,  that's also Chinese for you who I would have to explain this to)"

Half of you need to look at the bigger picture and grow up. 

Might I add I have met Klaus and Alex in person many many times. They are truley nice, down to earth, and genuine individuals. They go above and beyond for their customers, higher than any other company I have ever dealt with. 

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I am 100% with Klaus!

People are blind to the fact, of what has happened, and is currently happening in the good ole' USA.

Our "Manufacturing" sector has been under seize, on a completely un- fair, and unbalanced playing field.

Thanks Washington DC -- NOT !!!

If everyone in America, bought American products, the US would not be where we are currently.

But NO - All the corporations, sending stuff to China (Taiwan, India, abroad...) to be made---

has crippled the "Manufacturing" sector, to the point that I personally am seeing machine shops close daily, weekly, around this GREAT Country of ours!

The USA does NOT have the places of employment for even some of our basic needs!

I was just in St Louis with my family. We went to a place downtown that used to be the Buster Brown Shoe Factory --- "Used to BE"

You can't even buy a pair of shoes made in this country anymore?? SAD BUT TRUE

All I can say is GOD HELP US ALL-- if ( and when ) we are in a major WAR-

Even our Soilder's Boots are sent from China -- Do you think they'll keep sending boots to us, if we are on different sides in a WAR??

Keep it up Klaus!!

I Buy all American products that I can!!

I DON"T shop at Walmart, and I am proud to be an American!!!!

I will be contacting you to purchace your Beautiful and USA manufactured Amplifiers!

They look AWESOME!!


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At least someone is stating how every person feels who's out of a job right now!

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I'm not sure you could really buy all American products anymore.

Craftsman, Irwin, Milwaukee, are now made in China.  Even Snap-On is slipping China tools into its lineup (It used to be only the Bluepoint stuff was China made).

Even if you buy a USA made CD player, it still has a China transport.

Are there any American TV sets?  Bluray players? Computer monitors? PCs or laptops? Cable Modems? Cell phones? Printers?


It is all over, folks...

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American made premium speakers are still the highest quality speakers you can buy. There are still some examples of these on the market.