Plateau Camber 3.5 loudspeaker JA's 1988 System

Sidebar 1: JA's 1988 System

The test procedure followed that established for my previous loudspeaker reviews: each pair was used both with a Krell KRS2/KSA-50 combination and the Linn LK1/LK2 remote-control amplification system. Source components consisted of a Marantz CD94 CD player used via its optical digital output to feed a Marantz CDA94 outboard DAC unit, and a Linn Sondek/Ittok/Troika combination sitting on a Sound Organization table. Interconnect for the Krell system was Monster M1000, with Monster M1 speaker cable. The Linn system was used with Linn interconnect and speaker cable. All loudspeakers were carefully positioned for optimum performance, and in addition to a rigorous listening test, with no other speakers in the room, each pair of speakers was used for an extended period of everyday use.

Unfortunately, this review took place while the Atkinson household—including its four cats—was in the process of moving house. The listening sessions had to be broken into two distinct periods. The first, which were quite extensive and included all the measurements, took place in my old room, with whose acoustics and idiosyncrasies I am, of course, very familiar. The second, briefer set of listening sessions was in my new room—full details to appear shortly in our "Matter of Taste" series—and were carried out both as a check on the first series and to see how the new room differed from the old. (After setting up the new room, I first did extensive listening to and measuring of my reference Celestion SL600s in it, to calibrate both it and my ears.)—John Atkinson