Phase Technology PC-60 loudspeaker Review System

Sidebar 1: Review System

Listening tests were carried out in my 14' by 20' living room. The soundsource was primarily analog records played on my Pink Triangle turntable, and the cartridge was a Sao Win strain-gauge model fed directly to the power amplifiers. I have found this cartridge to be tonally neutral-in fact, one of the most neutral I've heard-as well as very fast, but lacking the somewhat "zingy" top end of many moving-coils.

I used a variety of power amplifiers to audition the speakers, all of them likely candidates (from a cost standpoint) to be used with $300–$500 speakers: the PS Audio 2C-Plus, the VSP Labs 150, a Futterman OTL, and the B&K ST-140.—Dick Olsher

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