Peachtree Audio iDac

Peachtree will be releasing their new $999 iDac next month, which features their "pure digital" iPod dock, ESS 32bit Sabre DAC, and 24bit/192kHz resolution.

This is a DAC only product and is loaded with inputs: 24/96 USB, 24/192 SPDIF coax (2) and optical (2). There is also a video out for watching iPod video content and two buttons for selecting filter settings.

And of course the iDac is wrapped in Peachtree's unique non-resonant MDF case with high-gloss finish.

bwright's picture

If the other Peachtree Audio offerings are any indication, this will be a landmark product. And the Aerial Acoustics 7T loudspeakers, hooked up to the iDecco, were wonderful as well. One of the best combinations at the show.

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I want to invest in a stand-alone DAC (without a dedicated amp) and wondering if folks have any thoughts on the Musical Fidelity VDAC vs. this iDAC (other than the price difference, of course!)?  I haven't seen any iDAC reviews...

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Just getting back into my audiophile groove after loosing everything (long story).  Bought a pair of Totem Model 1 Signatures and looking to piece a good system back together.

Have cheap Denon receiver (50wpc at 8ohms).  90% of my music is on my iTunes/iPod.

Having a hard time deciding on a good DAC.  I like components (historically).  Are these iDAC's for real?  Features look good but is this an audiophile piece of equipment to be added to a good system?  Stereophile seems to not write a lot about Peachtree Audio, is there a reason for that?

Wanted to spend up to $2,000 in a GOOD DAC.  HELP.  Its been about 15 years since I was buying equipment and WOW have the players changed.