PBN Montana EPS loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Well Tempered Reference turntable with Sumiko SHO cartridge.
Digital sources: Melior by Museatex and PS Audio Lambda 2 CD transports; Randy Tomlinson–modified JVC XLZ-1010, Marantz CC-48, and Marantz CC-65SE CD players; Parasound D/AC-2000 and Theta DS Pro Basic III DACs; Genesis Digital Lens.
Preamplifiers: Threshold T-3i, Cary SLP 94P, Audio Research SP14, Parasound P/LD-2000, Creek OBH-12.
Power amplifiers: Threshold T-100 (as monoblocks), Parasound HCA-1000A, AudioPrism Debut Mk.II, Cary Audio 805c.
Cables: Nordost SPM, Kimber Silver Streak and Monocle-XL, Straight Wire Virtuoso and Rhapsody II, Transparent Music Link Plus; Straight Wire HTP AC cord.
Accessories: Panamax Max 1000+, AudioPrism Foundation III, AudioPrism EFX, and AudioPrism QuietLines AC line conditioners; Shakti stones and On-Lines, Tiptoes aluminum cones, AudioQuest large Sorbothane feet, Nordost Iso-balls; assorted ceramic, marble, and granite slabs; EchoBusters DoubleBuster panels, Acoustic Solutions bass traps, Sonex corrugated foam panels; Vantage Point Contours and SolidSteel 5-shelf equipment racks.—Barry Willis

1015 La Mesa Avenue
Spring Valley, CA 91977
(619) 465-6450